Competition Winners

Hyundai A-League SBS Watch N’ Win CompetitionChrissie, Sam & Browny's DadVent Calendar


Smallzy's Game Night

Olivia Martin (SA)

Fitzy & Wippa’s Mystery Box

James Maquinad

Adam Jenkins

Corina Wong

Scott Tucker

Rachael Whitting

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Jokes Aren’t Funny

Joshua Cook

Fitzy & Wippa’s Who's Boiled Over

Emma Clohessy

Rachelle Edwards

David Henry

Venessa Colacicco

Cameron Darby

Fitzy & Wippa’s Last Aussie Standing

Janine Brodie

Gerad Vinko

Angie Kawash

Carol Zoumas

Fitzy & Wippa’s People’s Court

Codie Atherton

Amie Winsloe

James Millar

Dan Davy-Thorburn

Fitzy & Wippa’s 6:15 Vending Machine

Victoria Blower

Joshua Rendall

Fitzy & Wippa’s Wheel of Christmas Wishes

Brianna Edwards

Craig Ayling

Asha Kannangara

Emily Kadinski

Michaela Martelli

Smallzy's Request Your Favourite Song to Win 

Jessica Norman

Georgia Edwards

Adam Saint

Anthea Emerson 

Priscilla Toma

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Melbourne Favourites

B. Heness (VIC)

R. Carmody (VIC)

T. Potter (VIC)

Chrissie, Sam & Browny What Happens Next

A. Singh (VIC)

S. Melita (VIC)

D. Castrucci (VIC)

M. Howden (VIC)

V. Mills (VIC)

Browny’s Jockey Jingles

R. Grant (VIC)

C. Henderson (VIC)

T. Turnsr (VIC)

N. Wakefield (VIC)

T. Wills (VIC)

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Jokes Aren’t Funny

H. Joeng (VIC)

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Herald Sun Cross Promotion

D. Riches (VIC)

N. Ouranios (VIC)

J. Gabriel (VIC)

C. O’Keefe (VIC)

What The Hell is Chrissie Cooking

L. Eagle (VIC)

J. Thiele (VIC)

K. Siesling (VIC)

Browny’s Handball Competition- Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Grand Final Breakfast

T. Macdonald (VIC)

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Ford Escapes

K. Scott (VIC)

L. Firli (VIC)

R. Dart (VIC)

S. Blake (VIC)

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Final Word the Winter Edition

A. Klancevic  (VIC)

S. Murphy (VIC)

L. Cook (VIC)

B. Ross (VIC)

A. Ortin (VIC)


Brianna McLaughlin

Karen Holmes

Tracey Tobin

Emma Baker

Madelyn Hillman

Megan Hasick

Kelly Hart

Jorgia O'Donnell

Steph Horswood

Ellee Robb

Jamilee Martin

Isabella Borg

Brances Rigby

Ashley Profenna

Nicollette Raftopoulos

Orion Mandla

Laura Carmichael 

Emily Gagliardi

Alana Marshall

Tash Willets

Benji Maher

Liv Piplios

Shan Williams

Kylie Skew

A Marshall


Written By Bojana S