Everyone is OBSESSED with this new true crime podcast

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And you should be too.

Look, we don’t want to exaggerate but…

The true crime podcast Dirty John from The LA Times will make up for the gaping black whole Serial left behind.

Seriously, it’s the podcast that has everything.

Love, Family, Betrayal. Orange Country, California (hey there The OC fans).

Dirty John tells the true story of rich divorcee and interior designer Debra Newell Stewart who meets too-good-to-be-true doctor John Meehan online.

John is perfect. He’s kind, handsome, successful, affectionate and just came back from Iraq following a stint with Doctors Without Borders. Who wouldn't date that?

He ticks all the boxes but Debra’s family are sceptical. Something seems a little off about John…

We’re not going to give anymore away but just know that this one?

It’s unmissable.

Lead Image: The LA Times / Dirty John


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